1. Hands on Care

At All Care Physiotherapy we promote a ‘hands on approach’ to physiotherapy. Don’t settle for “lazy physiotherapy” that involves having a machine attached for 20 minutes. Physiotherapists at All Care are experts in using their hands to help your stiff, sore joints and muscles loosen up so that your body can move freely again in balance. At All Care we achieve great results because we use a detailed assessment to pinpoint the stiff joints, tight muscles, imbalances and other causes for your pain. This information then directs our treatment to get the right results for you.


2. Personalised Care

At All Care we take your health seriously. In our clinic you are not just a number. All of our appointments are a minimum of 30 minutes so our therapist will have the time to concentrate on you and your issues. Secondly we provide your care in private individual treatment rooms – no “barns with curtains” here. Our experience tells us that pain has many different causes and each client needs an individualised treatment approach.

Your personalised care continues even after you leave the practice. You will leave your assessment with a written report outlining what we found and more importantly what we can do to fix your problem. All Care clients also have access to the client only area of our website where they can watch videos of their specific exercises when they get home.


3. Evidence Informed care

Our physiotherapists will spend the time to thoroughly assess your problem and provide a treatment that works. You will receive our treatment based on research and experience. We call this approach “evidence informed practice”. This approach combines:

Our hands on techniques and exercises that have been proven to work from research results as well as our own unique treatment protocols that we know work from 20+ years of experience.

Evidence-Informed-care (2)

4. State of the Art Care

Whilst being ‘hands on’ is our primary goal, at All Care we recognise the importance of other assessment and treatment techniques. At All Care we use computerised programs such as posture pro and gait scan to more accurately assess and treat a range of conditions. We are also one of the few clinics to use Real Time Ultrasound. Real Time Ultra Sound shows you your muscles moving on the computer screen. We can then use this technique to help you target and strengthen the right muscles.


5. Professional Care

All Care offers experienced physiotherapists who know how to get results. Our physios regularly participate in professional development activities to help them find the most effective ways to provide better outcomes for you. At All Care our dedication to ensuring our staff provide you with the best care possible can be seen in our in-house staff development programs, case discussions and mentoring. Many of our staff have either completed or are completing postgraduate qualifications in areas such as musculoskeletal physiotherapy and sports physiotherapy. Has your problem proven too tricky for other health care professionals? Come and see our experienced team, we will use all the resources at our disposal to make sure we find a way to help you.