Gaitscan & Custom Orthotics

Your feet can have a huge impact on the rest of your body.  A problem in your foot can cause you to slightly change the way you walk which affects your biometrics, causing a chain reaction of problems in your ankles, knees, hips and/or lower back. Detecting and correcting these abnormalities could be the key to making you pain free.

Gaitscan Assessment Brisbane City With All Care Physiotherapy

Gaitscan is state of the art computerised system that our physiotherapists use to assess your foot function.  Using the results of this assessment, we may order custom orthotics to help correct your underlying biomechanical problem.  Our orthotics will fit in any shoe (e.g. women’s shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, fashion shoes, sports shoes, etc) and we can customise them for any foot type.

Specific conditions that could benefit from a Gaitscan assessment include:

Fixing the pain you experience when you stand or walk could be as simple as slipping an orthotic into your shoe. To arrange an easy Gaitscan assessment with one of our friendly physiotherapists, call our office today on 1300 291 133 or book online now.  We will find a time that suits you to come into our Brisbane City clinic so we can find the cause of your pain.