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Vestibular Disorders (Vertigo)

Vestibular Disorders (Vertigo) Do you suffer or ever had a sudden bout of dizziness? Then read on to find out how All Care Physiotherapy can help you today. There are numerous causes of dizziness but one cause called BPPV is common and successfully treated by our...

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5 Tips For Pain-free Squatting

5 Tips For Pain-free Squatting From A Qualified Brisbane City Physio The squat is one of the most universal and fundamental moves that you can perform at the gym. When done correctly, the squat has great benefits that can be carried over into everyday activities....

Types of headaches - Resources

What Is A Cervicogenic or Neck Headache?

What Is A Cervicogenic or Neck Headache? There are many different types of headaches that you can experience, but the feeling of head pain, loss of concentration and associated symptoms makes you feel awful. However, one of the most common types of headaches is...

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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Brisbane

Women’s Health Physio Brisbane If you’re in need of a pelvic floor physiotherapist in Brisbane, we offer permanent solutions for women who are experiencing pelvic floor issues. At All Care Physiotherapy, we treat women of all ages and at all stages of their life. With...

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How To Recover From Whiplash Using Physiotherapy

What is Whiplash? Whiplash is the term used to describe a range of neck injuries, caused by a sudden distortion of the neck. It is often associated with velocity induced neck extension although there is no one specific movement which is the sole cause for whiplash....