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All Care Physiotherapy has a comprehensive range of products for sale that assist the patient to recover at a faster rate.

Ice Wrap Pro

  • The Ice WRap Pro was designed by All Care Physiotherapy’s Director, Patrick Cruice, it provides the best benefits of compressive cold therapy for all body parts with a unique design to maximise the skin contact.
  • The use of ice is an essential part of the RICE regime (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) to enable reduction of pain and swelling quickly.
  • They are a great product to have on hand at home for use on minor injuries at any time!

Knee Scooter

  • Had foot or ankle surgery?
  • Our Knee Scooters are a great alternative to crutches
  • Dual, lockable brakes and load rated to 150 Kgs
  • Soft contoured knee pad
  • Free Shipping in Australia

EMS and TENS Unit

  • This small portable machine is able to provide a TENS current for pan relief as well as EMS (electromuscular stimulation) to activate deconditioned muscles.
  • We often use the EMS in the clinic to facilitate muscle activation of weakened muscles and suggest patients have this machine at home to speed up their recovery.
  • TENS has been used for decades as a means for patients in pain to achieve pain relief.
  • The premier combo plus has the best of both worlds with both currents in the same unit.

Pilates soft ball – 20cm

  • These 20cm soft Pilates balls are perfect for the at home Pilates work out.
  • This ball is a small sponge fitness ball designed to target and tone your abdominal muscles, glutes, back, thighs and upper arms.
  • By using it you can efficiently increase the effectiveness of your abdominal exercises while supporting your back.

Trigger Point Balls – 8 cm

  • Trigger points are tight, overactive muscle points on the body
  • Most patients have active trigger points as part of their problem
  • There are 2 sizes
  • These are suitable for piriformis trigger points releases and for self massage of the ITB