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Discover the Benefits Of Clinical Physio Pilates in Brisbane City

Physio Pilates is a great way to transform your flexibility, fitness, posture and much more. It provides many benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

All Care Physiotherapy provides physio Pilates in a safe environment at our convenient Brisbane City location. Our pilates classes are small (maximum of 4), ensuring our experienced physiotherapists can pay close attention to your form, ensuring you get the most out of your session. We also offer the flexibility of booking a class with a friend, partner or small group at a time that suits you.

Our physio pilates programs start with an individualised assessment, ensuring  we can structure your program around your needs and goals, whether that is to take your fitness to the next level or rehabilitate an injury.

What is the difference between clinical pilates and normal pilates? 

Pilates and Clinical Pilates are distinguished in the sense that Pilates is a series of exercises, which are designed to work the spinal stabilising muscles and deep core abdomen stabilisers. Clinical Pilates however, is where our physiotherapist chooses movements specific to a client’s needs and the achievement of goals within a treatment plan.

Clinical Pilates is used as a method of improving quality of life and treating injuries. Clinical Pilates works to treat a variety of injuries, particularly back and neck injuries. During Clinical Pilates sessions, a client undertakes various exercises with the guidance of a certified physiotherapist who has tailored these exercises specific to their condition.

Our team have been assisting clients of all ages and abilities for many years.  Our physiotherapists work extensively with office workers in Brisbane City who have postural issues, allowing them to achieve relief from back and neck pain.

Clinical Pilates also assists with:

General body fitness

Stability of Balance

Pre and Post Natal Exercises

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

What makes clinical pilates at All Care Physiotherapy so effective and what is it good for? 

When you come to All Care for a physio pilates session, you will first undergo an individual consultation. This can include a general musculoskeletal assessment as well as other specific tests. 

This will give our team a better idea of your weaknesses, injuries and general fitness. From there, we will work together on a programme that will achieve your goal without putting you at risk of further injury. 

In each class, our therapists pay close attention to you and offer advice on the exercises ensure you are gaining the maximum effect whilst in a safe environment.

What are the main benefits of Physio Pilates?

              • Decreasing back and neck pain 
              • Correction of Postural problems
              • Improving fitness and feeling great
              • Safe pre and post-natal exercise
              • Keeping seniors active and experiencing greater stability
              • Improving poor joint flexibility due to injury or surgical procedures 
              • Improving poor balance due to a weakness in one leg or the other
              • Improve core strength following a period of inactivity and rehabilitation

Why choose All Care Physiotherapy when looking for the best Pilates classes Brisbane City can offer? 

Our All Care Team takes a professional and clinical approach to these sessions. You also have the opportunity to choose the type of class that you want and what you want to focus on. Our group sessions are small with a maximum of only up to 4 people. 

Alternatively, you can also enjoy sessions together with a friend, partner or individually, it all depends on your needs.

Whatever the problem you are trying to treat or the goal you have, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Our physiotherapists have over 30 years of experience and qualifications in Clinical Pilates. Our programs begin with an initial personalised physiotherapy assessment and include evidence-led approaches and a professional and friendly service from start to finish. 

All from our conveniently located Brisbane City clinic making it easy for any worker or resident to come in for a class.

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Contact our team today to find out how we can help you reach your goal, no matter if you want to improve your general fitness, have an injury you need to rehabilitate or want a safe way to keep active as a senior or during pregnancy.

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