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Specific Assessments Screening

Along with our expert assessments for your joint and muscle concerns we can also offer a range of targeted assessments and programs to meet specific needs. These include:

Ergonomic Assessments

Neck, back, shoulder and arm pain are common complaints experienced by office workers due to static and repetitive postures at work particularly using the computer. At All Care Physiotherapy, we know that treating the problem is important but assessing what poor habitual postures at the worksite that contributes to the problem will improve the patient’s recovery. We can come to your worksite, assess your workstation and recommend any changes to it and any ergonomic accessories that may be appropriate to improve your working posture.

We also offer onsite education and assessment programs for large and small businesses. Talk to one of our physiotherapists today about this great service which not only educates but addresses issues on the spot! Our physiotherapists have provided ergonomic assessment and education in a range of industry setting so our programs can be tailored to meet your individual business needs.


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Postural Assessments

Posture is defined as the alignment of your skeletal structure. Optimum alignment results in less stress on muscles, ligaments and joints. At All Care Physiotherapy, we can assess your posture and give you advice on how to achieve the optimal posture so you can decrease further stress on your body. We also use a computerised assessment called Posture Pro.

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What is Gait? Gait is the way each of us walk. Gait analysis is the study of how we move and comparing the function of our different body segments to what we know as normal. Faulty biomechanics can be the cause of many problems especially in the lower limbs. At All Care, we use the combination of our visual analysis along with a Gaitscan assessment to diagnose faulty biomechanics.

GAIT SCAN is a state of the art computerised system that analyses thousands of pressure points of your feet when you walk on it and provides our physiotherapists with a battery of information on how you move. We analyse this information along with other tests to pin point your specific problem.
More importantly, your physiotherapist may then order custom made orthotics based on the computer scan to help correct your underlying biomechanical problem which often is the cause of a range of common complaints we see at the clinic. Common conditions are hip pain, shin splints, anterior knee pain, ITB friction syndrome and plantar fasciitis.


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Different occupations need different physical capabilities. All Care Physiotherapy can perform a pre employment screening to assess a future worker’s physical capability for any role within an organisation.
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