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Professional Women’s Health Physio In Brisbane City

Women’s health issues is an area that can cause embarrassment for women of any age. It can be difficult to talk about issues in the region of the pelvic floor. As a result, many women suffer from regular pain, urinary complications and other symptoms without seeking help. 

However, these problems are more common than what most people realise and it’s something that will affect about 1 in 3 women at some stage in their lives. The good news is, All Care Physiotherapy provides a great range of of pelvic floor physiotherapy treatments for pre-natal, post-natal and other pelvic floor issues to reduce pain and discomfort.

See our experienced women’s health physiotherapists in the privacy of our Brisbane City clinic at a time that suits you!

Experience the true benefits by one of our women’s health physios who respect the sensitive nature of these problems.

How our All Care women’s health physiotherapists can provide the help you need

Women’s physio is a discipline within physiotherapy that doesn’t always get a lot of attention. Sports rehabilitation and massages are a little more glamorous. But, there are lots of ways that pelvic floor examinations and specific exercises to increase strength in these areas can benefit women in Brisbane. The pelvic floor needs to be strong and supportive to help the function of the urinary tract and reproductive organs. At the same time, it can’t be too tense. 

Problems either way can lead to the following complications:

Difficulty with bowel movements and increased constipation 

Pain and increased urgency when urinating 

Pain and discomfort during and/or after sex 

Prolapse of pelvic organs 

Faecal or urinary incontinence

Women’s physio for  pre-natal and post-natal care

Many clients that deal with women’s health issues do so either during or after their pregnancy. Pregnancy and birth both place the pelvis, back, stomach and other areas under intense pressure and strain. A skilled therapist can help to relieve distress during pregnancy and resolve post-natal issues. 

Our team will carry out a personal assessment of your condition and do pelvic floor physiotherapy. We will diagnose the symptoms presented, levels of pain and the impact on your daily life. The results will help us determine the best course of action. We will also look at any secondary issues that may contribute to the conditions, such as back pain and localised injuries. Possible treatment options can include:

Pelvic floor exercise to retrain the muscles and reduce tension as necessary 

Clinical Pilates sessions to strengthen and relax the pelvic area and core muscles to help you during the antenatal period and prepare you for the birth of your child

Tools and aids to help with those exercises which can help reduce pelvic pain

Remedial massage for pregnancy pain 

Treatment for C-section scarring

Why choose All Care Physio for pelvic floor physiotherapy in Brisbane?

The consultations and treatment options at our clinic fall under the 5-point care plan known as the All Care Way. This means that we work according to the following principles with each and every client: 

Personalised assessments to understand the problem as it relates to your health and needs

Evidence-led solutions for the most appropriate treatment plan

A hands-on approach where appropriate with massage and postural issues

State-of-the-art tech to aid with assessments and treatment

A professional service from start to finish

Our physiotherapists have more than 25 years of experience in the field and our team have further qualifications in women’s health.

Furthermore, our conveniently located clinic in Brisbane City combined with our flexible hours makes any consultation and treatment accessible and convenient for any local workers and residents. 

Call us today and let us help you find comfort and relief for your women’s health issues as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”What is women’s health physio?” answer-0=”Women’s health physio covers education and treatment of issues that only affect women as their body changes through pregnancy or ageing. Common issues include pelvic floor weakness, abdominal separation, and more. See our women’s health physio in Brisbane City for information relevant to your unique situation.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”Does pelvic floor therapy really work?” answer-1=”It can, yes. We find that it works best for patients who are committed to an ongoing treatment plan combining appointments in our Brisbane City physio clinic with at-home exercises. Our women’s health physio will work with you to create a treatment plan personalised to your needs. ” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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