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Vertigo Treatment Brisbane

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo is the sensation of movement or spinning, tilting or swaying, caused by the inner ear. A common form of vertigo is Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV). This type of vertigo is caused by an issue in the inner ear and presents as sudden onset dizziness/nausea that can be both brief and intense. 

Vertigo can often be confused with dizziness, or even lightheadedness or unsteadiness. Here are some tricks to identifying if what you’re experiencing is vertigo:

  • Vertigo, as mentioned above, is the sensation of spinning or movement when you’re still.
  • Dizziness is the feeling of spinning in your head, often brought on by hyperventilating or anxiety. 
  • Unsteadiness is the feeling of being off-balance when walking or standing, which can sometimes feel similar to vertigo. 
  • Lightheadedness is characterised by the feeling of close to fainting, or as if you might pass out. If this happens suddenly, it may be indicative of other health issues.

How Does Vertigo Happen?

It occurs when crystals break off from the cochlea and lodge themselves within one of the three canals of the inner ear. There are a multitude of factors that can cause this; including (but not limited to) head injuries, infection, migraine or being of a mature age.  

The loose crystals in the canals send altered messages to the vestibular system and dizziness occurs. The brain receives signals from the vestibular and visual system which conflict and stimulate a sensation that the head is spinning or moving excessively. This often occurs even when the head has only moved slightly or not at all. 

If you’re experiencing this issue, don’t ignore it – and don’t try to treat this condition without first speaking to a professional, as you may make it worse. A qualified All Care physiotherapist can provide a plan for vertigo treatment Brisbane that will stop your pain and discomfort, allowing you to get back to normal life.

What Are The Most Common Vertigo Symptoms?

Common symptoms of BPPV include the sensation of the whole world turning around you, followed by a feeling of nausea or general sickness. These symptoms will often appear and disappear throughout the day with no warning and can be distressing when you experience them. 

The Posterior Canal (90%) is the most common type of BPPV. The Horizontal (9%) canal is also seen clinically but if far rarer, while the Anterior (1%) canal has long thought to be self-resolving and seen extremely rarely. The neck plays an important role in balance and will tighten up as a way to compensate for the loss of balance. As a result, neck pain and restriction are both common side effects of BPPV, however, our experienced team is able to treat this as well.

What Kind Of Vestibular Physio Do We Offer At All Care Physiotherapy?

Unless otherwise indicated, patients are managed with a Canalith Repositioning Program to capture and clear the loose crystals from the canals. This type of treatment involves moving the head in specific ways to dislodge the stuck crystals and encourage movement through the ear canal.


Maneuvers are performed both in the clinic and at home as an exercise program and if correctly diagnosed, can be treated in 3 sessions or less! In some cases, this type of treatment can aggravate vertigo and increase dizziness, however by the end of the treatment plan the dizzyness will have subsided completely.


Additionally, any neck issues which arise and are found on the initial examination are also treated as seen fit by our expert physiotherapists.

Why Choose Us When Searching For Your Vertigo Treatment Brisbane?

With more than 25 years of experience in offering the highest standard of physiotherapy using the latest technology, rest assured that you’re in safe hands. The All Care Physiotherapy team are committed to treating your pain and helping you live pain-free sooner.

You can also get vertigo treatment Brisbane when you need it at our convenient inner-city clinic where we offer extended opening hours. Drop in before or after work, or even on your lunch break.

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”What is the best treatment for vertigo?” answer-0=”Vertigo can be treated in a couple of different ways. You can get medications from a doctor such as steroids to reduce inflammation of the inner ear. In some cases, medication to reduce water buildup can also help. However, we recommend vertigo physiotherapy in our Brisbane City clinic to remove the blockage.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”What triggers vertigo attacks?” answer-1=”Vertigo episodes can be brought on by a variety of triggers. These can include sudden movements, inflammation in the inner ear, decreased blood flow to the base of the brain, and others. Our expert Brisbane City physio team can help you identify those triggers so you can avoid them in future.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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