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Discover The Best Remedial Massage in Brisbane City

Remedial massage is a type of massage used to treat tension and pain in the body on a deep level. At All Care Physiotherapy, you are able to claim your remedial massage with one of our qualified physiotherapists through your private health funds.

Enjoy the benefits of a remedial massage at a time that suits you!

With our clinic conveniently located in Brisbane City and with our flexible hours, you can enjoy a premium remedial massage at a time that suits you before, during and after a regular working day, or even pop in on your lunch break.

Decrease pain and improve your life with a remedial massage in Brisbane

A remedial massage isn’t the same as a relaxation massage. A remedial massage is designed to go deep into the musculoskeletal system, bringing the body back into alignment. You will experience greater pain relief, decreased tension and additional physical benefits as a remedial massage works your muscles on a deeper level. 

A session with one of our experienced therapists will provide benefits for a range of different conditions including:

Neck pain and back pain 

Arm, wrist and shoulder pain

Painful muscles


Treating sports injuries as part of a sports physio treatment



Pregnancy-related conditions including back pain, stress and c-section scarring

Stress, sleep problems and anxiety

And much more

How does remedial massage work?

Remedial massage works by getting deep into the muscles and targeting areas of pain and discomfort. This results in decreased pain, a greater sense of space in the body and immense relaxation after your session. 

You will also experience lower stress levels and increased well-being thanks to the powerful mix of endorphins and other natural chemicals that are released in your body. Other benefits include:

Improved circulation and flow of the lymphatic system

Reduced pain in injured muscles

Increased flexibility and range of motion in joints and tendons

Regulating hormone levels for relaxation and anxiety relief

You can visit the All Care team for a remedial massage no matter where the problem lies 

– or how minor you believe it to be. Our experienced team will carry out a personalised assessment and diagnosis of your concerns before completing your massage.  Ensuring the massage treats your pain. Our massage options can include:

Remedial massage

Dedicated sports massage tailored specifically for sports injuries 

Pregnancy massage 

Deep tissue massage

Why turn to All Care Physiotherapists for a personalised remedial massage near me?

Our personalised, hands-on treatments and professional and friendly approach is all part of the All Care Way, our set of principles that we adhere to with every single client. Hands-on approaches are the best option wherever possible and our skilled team has many years of experience with premium remedial massage treatments. 

If you live and work in Brisbane CBD or surrounding areas, our convenient location allows you to book in a time that is convenient to you, before, during or after the normal working day.

Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”What are the benefits of getting a remedial massage?” answer-0=”Remedial massage has a variety of benefits for physiotherapy patients. This includes stimulating blood supply and helping to mobilise joints. Everyone will enjoy specific benefits from a remedial massage, so make sure you talk to our Brisbane City physiotherapists about your exact situation.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”What does remedial massage help?” answer-1=”Remedial massage can help with the recovery from a range of injuries, such as strained muscles, tendons and ligaments. Treatment from our Brisbane city physio’s also has a variety of benefits in reducing pain and managing injuries.” image-1=”” count=”2″ html=”true” css_class=””]

Contact All Care Physiotherapists today and discover the benefits of remedial massage 

If you are experiencing pain or are recovering from an injury, chances are you will benefit from a remedial massage session. Contact us today or visit us at our convenient location in Brisbane CBD.

Come and see why All Care Physiotherapy is the most convenient and professional choice for remedial massage in Brisbane City.