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Turn To All Care Physiotherapists For Lower Back Pain Treatment In Brisbane

For over 25 years, the All Care Team have been providing lower back pain treatment to Brisbane office workers and residents.  Once you have experienced the high level of care and convenience we provide our clients, you will understand why we are considered as Brisbane City’s premier physio.

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We are conveniently open before, during and after a normal working day, allowing you to visit us at a time that is convenient to you.

One of the leading causes of back pain is occupational. We find that so many of our clients spend their weekdays hunched over a keyboard in an office chair or talking on a phone. Poor posture and a lack of physical activity can be just as harmful to the lower back as any sport-related injury or accident. 

In fact, many office workers aren’t always aware of the damage they are inflicting upon themselves on a daily basis. If this is a fair description of your own working week, think about the little aches and twinges you experience and ask yourself these questions.

Is my spine a little stiffer than it should be? 

Do I  experience pain or discomfort in the muscles around my lower back? 

Has my back pain been going on for so long that I’ve been ignoring the symptoms?

If you have agreed with any of these points, it is time to book in with one of our physiotherapists who will provide a personalised and professional assessment in line with our principles called the All Care Way

What types of back pain and injuries can All Care Physio team treat?

The All Care team have plenty of experience in dealing with back pain issues. It really doesn’t matter how extreme the issue is. If there is a problem that needs correction, we will work with you to find a solution. 

So what are some of the common types of lower back pain?

Non Specific Muscular or Joint Pain

One of the most common forms of lower back pain is non- specific muscular pain.  A symptom to look out for is intense muscular pain on one or both sides of the lower back.  This type of pain can be caused by lifting, stretching, twisting or any type of movement that adds stress to the lower back.  You may also experience this type of lower back pain by making sudden or unexpected movements.

Radicular Pain

Is a pain that is caused by injury or irritation to your spinal nerve through conditions such as a herniated disc.  You could experience symptoms like shooting or burning pain, numbness or lack of sensation.

Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms occur when the back muscles involuntarily contract in the lower back.  This type of injury is generally a result of a specific incidents like bending or heavy lifting.

Now if you are suffering any of these types of lower back pain or pain that does not fit within these 3, we have you covered.  Our team of physiotherapists provide all clients with a detailed 30-minute assessment to find the root cause of the pain and its potential causes.  We will detail a recommended action plan that will fix your lower back pain and get you back to doing the things that you enjoy – Pain Free!

Find the best lower back pain exercises and treatment for your condition

The treatment of any back pain requires a strong three-part approach for the best results. This means: 

        1. A professional, detailed assessment of the problem and its causes 
        2. Hands-on therapy and exercises to aid with relief and correction – these can include:
        3. Guidance on lower back pain exercises and changes outside of the clinic

We consider the assessment as the most important first step that lets both you as the client and our physiotherapist to understand the problem. The more detailed and personalised the assessment, the better the chance of highlighting the problems and moving forward. 


On a physical level, this means an examination of the movement, tension and pain experienced within the spine and muscles. The assessment is also a chance to discover any problems with posture and your habits that might cause these issues. 


From there, our team will help you to deal with the diagnosed problems through hands-on treatments and exercises. The All Care Team have over 25 years of experience in dealing with lower back pain and handle patients in a caring yet professional manner. This means a comfortable treatment area, all the best equipment and a friendly approach. 


Finally, we will discuss the exercises and habits that you can use at home for greater progress. These exercises will be simple motions that you can manage independently in your home or at your office. In our recommended action plan, if appropriate we will offer an ergonomic assessment service where we can come to your place of work or home office and help you make changes to your work environment.

Why You Should Choose All Care Physiotherapists for Tailored Back Muscle Pain Treatment

Our team recognises just how prevalent back pain issues can be for many of us. Ideally, we would provide support and care for as many as possible. However, don’t assume that this means that there will be a one-size-fits-all approach or a conveyor belt system. We don’t believe in strict appointment time-frames or meeting quotas. Every patient is assessed and treated based on their own specific needs. 

Effective physiotherapy should be something that is simple and makes your life easier. It is about creating a regime of new habits that will improve your physical health and well-being. We understand that this means more than simply providing the best back pain exercises and high-end equipment at our assessments.

Contact All Care Physiotherapy for local back pain treatment Brisbane city workers & residents can rely on

Back pain may be something that a larger percentage of us end up struggling with for a long time. Our lifestyle, work and hobbies can place continual strain on this area. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to suffer from pain. 

Don’t take the risk of leaving your lower back pain untreated.  We know all too well how untreated back pain can persist and worsen over long periods.  It is never too late to address any issue and make your day-to-day life pain free.

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