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Physiotherapy Brisbane City

All Care Physiotherapy Offer Brisbane City Residents & Workers A Convenient & Comprehensive Overall Wellbeing Solution

No Brisbane City worker or resident should have to travel out of their way when All Care Physiotherapy is conveniently located in Brisbane City.  For over 25 years we have been providing the highest standard of physiotherapy care, through a range of hands-on treatment options, latest technology and personalised assessments to fix all kinds of clients problems.

Visit our clinic at a time that suits you! 

We are conveniently open before, during and after a normal working day, allowing you to visit us at a time that is convenient to you.

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Upper Back Pain


Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Ankle Pain

Foot Pain

Shoulder Pain


Hand Pain

Elbow Pain

Groin Pain

General Sports Care

Post Surgery Rehabilitation 

Professional, comprehensive service in your local area

The location of our clinic makes us the premier choice for Brisbane City and CBD residents. If you have a full-time job you will appreciate the fact that you can come and see us before and after work or even on your lunch-break.

Why Choose All Care Physiotherapy As Your Brisbane City Physio?

Our All Care physio team are qualified to provide a wide range of services and treatment options in a slightly different way to what you will have experienced elsewhere. Not only that, you can see one of our Brisbane city physio experts outside of regular work hours at a time that’s best for you. This is because we are about excellence in health care and live by our 5 principles called the All Care Way.

Hands-on Care

Our physios use a hands-on approach for therapy to ensure effective long lasting results.

Personalised Care

All therapists will spend the time to diagnose the problem and implement a solution.

Evidence-informed care

We have years of research and experience put into every diagnosis and plan of action for the best results for our clients.

State-of-the-art care

We will use the latest equipment and technology to aid with the diagnosis and treatment of your condition and provide effective treatment.

Professional care

Our years of experience and our team’s qualifications mean a professional approach to any treatment plan you will follow.

What types of problems do we solve?

While our physio team have great experience with a range of conditions, a lot of our clients come to us with occupational issues from desk-related work. This means a range of problems in the lower back or neck caused by poor posture, poor ergonomics or a sedentary work-life. 

We regularly treat tension or musculoskeletal pain from the neck or back in our clients who are city workers. Key treatment and areas of interest include:

Back pain treatment

Neck pain treatment 

Remedial massage

Dry needling

Ergonomic assessments

Trust Us For Quality, Convenient Physio in Brisbane City

We also encourage local Brisbane residents to get in touch if they are suffering from any other type of injury or condition. It doesn’t matter if you have developed a small niggle in your wrist or foot or experienced something more serious while playing sports, getting treatment quickly by conveniently-located physio in Brisbane city can prevent ongoing pain or discomfort.

Our team works closely with other physicians and surgeons in Brisbane to provide referrals or aftercare for those needing additional support or surgery.

Other treatment options available with All Care Physiotherapy include: 

Musculoskeletal physio 

Sports physio 

Post-surgery Rehabilitation

Headache treatments 

Women’s health treatments 

Clinical exercises

Physio pilates 

Specific assessment screenings

Contact our friendly All Care Team to see how we can help you

It doesn’t matter if you need a remedial massage before a long day at work, dry needling or a rehab exercise session at the end of the day. 

Whatever your injury, and whatever your schedule, our team can provide the most convenient physiotherapy that Brisbane City workers can find. Let our qualified team help you with those ongoing back issues, neck spasms, sports injuries or anything else that might be bothering you and causing you pain.

Contact All Care Physiotherapy to book an assessment today!