General Physiotherapy

That deadline is fast approaching but all you can focus on right now is that aching pain in your neck. A movement here…a movement there, but it still won’t go away!

As your local Brisbane CBD physio, All Care Physiotherapy can assist with your pain even sooner. In fact, with its convenient Spring Hill location, you could be treated today…during your lunch break!*

What exactly do we do?

Our expert team of physiotherapists can offer you solutions for your pain and discomfort relating to muscles, nerves or joints.  Whether its an injury or chronic re-occuring pain, our team can help!

99% of All Care patients surveyed felt that their movement or pain issues were explained well to them

All Care Physiotherapy take a hands on approach to diagnose, treat and alleviate your symptoms.  We work with you to provide effective treatment with strategies to make them last and we ensure you understand this before you leave!

With services including:

All Care Physiotherapy can help! For faster relief, book online now

97.2% of patients surveyed left their first appointment feeling that they had a plan to address their issues

That’s the All Care Physio approach.  Ensuring our patients understand not only what has happened but providing education to prevent it from happening again

100% of our patients indicated that they would refer a friend or family member to All Care Physiotherapy.

Our therapists take pride in achieving good results.   We listen, we take action and we care.

For your chance to optimise your health and well being through our tailored approach, call our office today on 1300 291 133 or book online now.