Physio Pilates

Let All Care help you get more out of your Physio Pilates sessions

At All Care Physiotherapy we offer a range of sessions and classes run by experienced physiotherapists. We can develop a program that’s right for you and ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly. We will show you how to do the exercises on our state of the art reformers in our rehabilitation studio and on a floor mat so you can continue your good work at home or at your local gym.

Our physiotherapists can target specific issues and, if needed, assist with ensuring correct muscle movement using an ultrasound scanning machine. Your Pilates program needs to be properly structured and supervised to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly otherwise you could be getting very little out of your session or class. Or even worse you could risk.

  • Causing damage
  • Aggravating injuries

At All Care Physiotherapy we can offer you the solution to ensure you make the most of this fantastic form of exercise and really see results! Did you know that many health funds will give a rebate for our Pilates sessions? These can be claimed on the spot with our hicaps machine.

All Care Physiotherapy Pilates solutions

For those not already seeing one of our physiotherapists this consultation is one hour in length and involves

  • Assessment of core muscles using diagnostic ultrasound machine
  • General musculoskeletal assessment
  • Program design
  • Beginning the program with you


Individualised session and program development with your Physiotherapist
Physiotherapist consulting who will provide technique feedback and program instruction

PILATES PAIRS (two people)
Perhaps you want to learn with a partner, friend or family member while reducing cost! Book in for a pairs session at a time that suits you It doesn’t matter if your are different levels or abilities your Pairs physiotherapist will ensure that both of you get the most out of the session

PILATES CLASS (min 3 max 4)
A relaxed class environment but small enough to still have individual attention.
Class times vary depending on availability, however as with Pairs if you have friends of family who want to do it with you we will arrange a time to suit.


  • Tuesday 7.15-8am
  • Tuesday 5.15-6pm
  • Thursday 12.15-1pm
  • Friday 12.15-1.00pm


Once you have attended 10 individual, pairs or class sessions you may wish to continue your progress with our studio program. The studio program is a package which includes 5 sessions of reformer use and a sixth session with your physiotherapist to assess your progress and update your program. Book your sessions on a reformer at times that suit you within a 3 month period.