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Reason 1: If you have recently had a baby – even with no evident issues.

Congratulations on your new arrival. Life is now extremely busy looking after your new baby. But what about you?Post Pregnancy Health Check Up 300x199 - 5 Reasons You Should See a Women's Health Physio

Getting a proactive check up on your body as it heals post childbirth is the best way to ensure you won’t have any preventable issues in years to come.

Issues post pregnancy and childbirth, such as stress urinary incontinence, abdominal separation, hernia, prolapse and pelvic pain can all fly under the radar to a new mother and only present themselves later when it is more difficult to manage and treat.

The same way a newborn baby is given numerous tests to ensure it is ‘normal’, a new mother should be given the same treatment – and that’s done best by a women’s health physiotherapist!

Think about a check-up like having a service to your body after the changes from pregnancy to the postpartum period. Your body will thank you for it.

Reason 2: If you are recovering from breast cancer, or other gynaecological surgery.

Reduce pain post gynaecological and prostatectomy surgeries - 5 Reasons You Should See a Women's Health PhysioDuring recovery from some cancers and surgeries, excessive scar tissue formation and muscular dysfunction can be common issues that lead to unwanted pain and restriction.

Women’s health physiotherapy has scientific evidence supporting it’s benefit in achieving more successful outcomes in terms of quality of life and physical outcomes post gynaecological and prostatectomy surgeries.

Treatment is non-invasive and person centred with the main aim to get patients returning to life without limitations.

Reason 3: If you are living with symptoms of incontinence or prolapse.

Accidental urine or faecal incontinence when coughing, sneezing or laughing are symptoms that can be improved greatly with appropriate pelvic floor muscle assessment and training 300x199 - 5 Reasons You Should See a Women's Health Physiopelvic floor muscle assessment and training.

Similarly, prolapse symptoms of a bulging sensation or heaviness down low with problems during urination and/or defaecation can be greatly improved with women’s health physiotherapy management.

These are not issues women need to live with, they can be helped! A detailed assessment of the underlying pelvic floor muscles and appropriate retraining can regain your control and help you live life again without this underlying worry about incontinence.

Reason 4: If you are constantly needing to go to the toilet.

pelvic floor muscles 300x193 - 5 Reasons You Should See a Women's Health PhysioHaving the urge to visit the bathroom frequently and only passing small amounts is a bladder dysfunctional disorder called frequency. It can often be associated with another condition called urgency whereby you cannot defer the sudden but desperate need to urinate. These conditions can be improved substantially with pelvic floor and bladder training from a women’s health physiotherapist.

At All Care Physio, we can undertake a detailed assessment of the underlying pelvic floor muscles, apply appropriate muscle retraining to regain your control and help you live life again without this constant worry about where the nearest toilet is.

Reason 5: If you experience pelvic pain or pain during/after sexual intercourse.

Pelvic pain is a broad term for any pain felt within the pelvic and genital region.

Recent research has shown that pain killers and medication are not the only resort for people who suffer from this kind of pain.

Pelvic floor retraining and other specific exercises that have an effect on the pelvic region have been shown to decrease pelvic pain and help women feel more empowered to manage their symptoms.

A women’s health physiotherapist is a great person to consult with, in addition to a gynaecologist, to ensure a thorough assessment and treatment plan is implemented for the best possible result.

all care physio city physio Jess Bates 1 - 5 Reasons You Should See a Women's Health Physio

What should I do now if I have one of the 5 reasons listed above?

See Jess our Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

Women’s health trained physiotherapists are the best people to consult if you are experiencing any symptoms or problems listed above.

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