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What Is A Cervicogenic or Neck Headache?

There are many different types of headaches that you can experience, but the feeling of head pain, loss of concentration and associated symptoms makes you feel awful. However, one of the most common types of headaches is treatable because they stem from your neck or your cervical spine. These cervicogenic headaches are commonly called a neck headache.

A cervicogenic headache originates from your cervical spine at your neck or more specifically, your C1, C2, and C3 joints. When an issue arises in these joints, they refer pain into the base of your neck and sometimes, wrap around the side of your head and even through to behind your eye. This type of referred pain is similar to sciatica, which is a common symptom of back pain, but can sometimes be much more severe as in some cases these headaches can trigger into a migraine.

A migraine is essentially a severe headache and includes other associated symptoms or side effects such as light or sound sensitivity, blind spots, zigzag lines across your vision, speech difficulty, severe nausea and vomiting and many more.

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What causes cervicogenic headaches?

A common cause for a neck headache includes any activities that place repetitive strain on the top of your neck. These include prolonged poor postures (for example, desk workers) or performing repetitive lifting (tradespeople). As well as this, genetics have been proven to play a part in cervicogenic headaches, meaning that if anyone if your family suffers from them, you too are unfortunately at risk. 

The symptoms of a neck headache include: 

  • Worsening neck pain/stiffness that congregates around the base of your skull 
  • Pain in your head around the temple, forehead and behind one or both eyes
  • Most commonly felt on one side (but bilateral cervicogenic headaches are possible)
  • Worsening with repetitive activities
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What’s the best headache treatment?

Cervicogenic headaches are treated like any normal neck condition, in the sense that the neck is treated with manual therapy and then a tailored exercise program based around the neck is provided.

Here at All Care Physiotherapy, we are experts in neck rehabilitation and will perform whatever techniques are necessary in order to both relieve any headache symptoms and cease them from returning. Most clients will also receive a home rehabilitation programme in order to address any muscle deficits underlying their condition.

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