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What To Expect When Seeing A Brisbane City Physio.

If you’re coming to a physiotherapy session for the first time, it can be tricky to know what to expect from your consultation. Don’t worry. At All Care Physiotherapy, we put our clients first, and make your comfort and wellbeing our priority during our assessment and treatment process. Here are a few things to know before going into your first Brisbane City physiotherapy session.

Before the session

There is, of course, the paperwork. We’ll have some new patient forms that will need to be filled out so that we can completely understand what your problem is, what you’re feeling and what your history is. These are normally sent by email before your consultation or you can complete them if you arrive 15 min before your consultation time. We’ll then take you into one of our private consultation rooms to discuss your condition and the information you’ve provided so we can really understand how your problem is affecting your life. Our aim is to have the most complete picture so that we can assess the best way to treat your pain and formulate an effective treatment plan to address this.

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During the session

Our assessment of your pain will be tailored to the problem you are experiencing. For things like back and neck pain, sports injuries, or similar we will include a variety of movements, palpation and joint mobilisations so that we can see what triggers the pain and allow us to diagnose what the underlying issue is.

For other issues such as women’s health, vertigo, jaw pain or headaches, our professional physiotherapists will use proven assessment protocols of these conditions to understand your specific problem what is needed to help you recover with our care.

Will you feel discomfort?

We need to do a complete assessment to be able to diagnose the underlying condition. Because we move joints and muscles and palpate structures, you may experience some temporary discomfort while our Brisbane City physiotherapists are performing their assessment. There shouldn’t be any lasting or ongoing pain from this and often the painful areas we find are the underlying cause of your pain. It is very rare to experience tenderness in the days after your session.

 After the session

After your initial session, we will talk through what we feel is the best course of action to put you on the course to recovery. We’ll explain your treatment plan and give an estimate of how long you might expect before you see results from your physiotherapy treatment.


Do I have to do anything between sessions?

Each of our treatment plans incorporate both exercises to be completed in our clinic under the direction of your All Care Physio, and a variety of home exercises that can be completed between sessions. If you follow the plan of both in session and at home exercises, you have the best opportunity to recover and minimise the risk of your pain returning in future.

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So there you go. That is a snapshot of what to expect from your physiotherapy session. For expert physiotherapy in Brisbane City, make sure you contact the team at All Care Physio. We’re experienced with all types of physiotherapy and conveniently located right in the heart of the Brisbane CBD.