Joint mobilisations

Joints are the moving links in your skeletal structure. They are meant to move freely. If they are restricted they will become irritated and cause pain. Your spine is made up of lots of moving parts like the links in a bicycle chain. If your spine has a stiff link it will cause dysfunction leading to a pain. A detailed ‘hands on” assessment will pinpoint the right level or link of your spine that is restricted. Joint mobilisations are specific techniques that gently move and stretch the stiff joints. Gentle manipulation of a stiff joint can also be used to get your joints moving again.



Tight stiff muscles need to be targeted by specific stretches to be effective. At All Care Physiotherapy, you will receive the right stretches to help you recover fast.


Specific Rehabilitative Exercise

A detailed assessment will pinpoint the specific exercise programme you will need to get better. At All Care Physiotherapy, we use the latest specific exercise based on research and often use a Diagnostic Ultrasound to image and teach you to exercise the right muscles to help you improve. Many of our clients also benefit from a clinical Pilates program – see the ‘Pilates’ Tab for more details on this.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a form of acupuncture that is effective in releasing tight or overactive muscles. Tender spots or bands in these muscles can cause pain and are released by using an acupuncture needle. These spots are often called ‘trigger points’ and releasing them this way can lead to almost instant improvement in pain and movement. Dry needling is safe and effective method with little or no side effects.



Electrotherapy modalities such as ultrasound, interferential and muscle stimulation are used to aide in recovery and healing of damaged tissues. All Care Physiotherapy uses the latest Electrotherapy technology and equipment to ensure our treatment maximises your recovery. Three of the modalities used in our clinic are:

  • Ultrasound to increase the rate of tissue healing
  • Interferential therapy to aide in pain relief (VMS)
  • Muscle stimulation to activate weakened muscles

Postural taping/bracing

Postural taping is used to help realign the faulty postural alignment of body segments which unloads injured tissues leading to decreased pain and often assists in the healing process. All Care Physiotherapy also has a wide range of braces for most body segments to allow rapid support if you need it. (Link to products page)


Ice/heat therapy

All Care Physiotherapy uses ice/hot packs as part of treatment if required to aide in your recovery. Heat can relax tight overactive muscles or reduce spasm. Ice is used to minimise swelling and reduce tissue damage.
We also sell a range of hot packs and ice packs that you can use to maximise your recovery at home (Link to products page)


Real time Ultra sound

All Care Physiotherapy uses the latest technology to aide in your recovery and Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) is one of these. RTUS is the same technology used by Radiologists to look at muscles and bones. At All Care we use RTUS to specifically image your muscles and their movement to ensure that we target the right muscles with our rehabilitation exercises. Ever wondered if you were really moving your ‘core’ muscles when you do exercise? RTUS will show you if you are and help to train you to use the correct ones if you are not.